DDD – James Milhollin ’13

For the past 8 years, I have worked every day about 2 blocks down from the Midland Restaurant and had never eaten there.  This has more to do with my schedule than the restaurant, but I have always been curious about the place and was excited to get the chance to go.  I have been told by many folks that they have the best pancakes in Blount County.

Paul Monroe and I met there for breakfast on a Thursday.  The first thing I really liked was that I got to seat myself and they had comfortable, roomy booths.  We had two servers.  Our first server had only been there 20 years but was fairly certain that the place had been open 47 years and that it was successful due to the good food and friendly atmosphere.  She said they made customers feel welcome there and they came back because of it.  Our second server agreed and was nice enough to have her picture taken with us.   I was impressed that everyone we talked with had been there for many years.  It says something about the place that the employees stay on and feel connected to the restaurant and its history and seemed to know many of the customers by name.

The “Early Bird Special” is their best breakfast seller.  I was a bit disappointed at first that it did not come with pancakes, but she was quick to let me substitute a pancake for the biscuits and gravy.  Overall, the food was very good, the service was quick, the atmosphere was very comfortable and clean and the bill was quite reasonable.  I am not sure why I drove by the place for the past 8 years without stopping, but I am already thinking about my next visit and their great pancakes.


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