DDD – Becky Smithey ’13

Summer Webb and I made the journey to Friendsville to eat with Jacque at his Whistle Stop Café.  Jacque’s has been in business since the 80’s and used to own an antique business in Maryville with a little bit of BBQ on the side.  Everyone loved the BBQ so much that when he moved his business to Friendsville, he made the BBQ his primary concern.  However, one look around and you become overwhelmed at all the antiques that cover every inch of space.  Everything is for sale, so help yourself.

His most popular dish is his ½ chicken.  He has created his own spice mixtures and sauces that give the chicken a special BBQ kick.  He says he hires people who are not afraid to season food.  He especially doesn’t hire teenagers to cook.

His business is successful because of the quality of food he provides.  Advertising comes from word of mouth.  He says that he does not do any big advertising and works very hard to stay away from Maryville.

The picture above is of me and George.  Jacque did not want his picture taken!


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