DDD – Karen Eldridge ’13

Treva Best and I enjoyed lunch at Gracie’s on July 12.  We met at noon, so several diners were already eating when we arrived. We chose a booth next to windows.  We asked our server what the most popular dishes were, and she told us that three probably shared that distinction:  chopped steak, meatloaf and turkey and dressing.  Both Treva and I selected the meatloaf.  It was very good.  While we were eating, owner and cook Ken Gentry came out to talk to us.  Before opening Gracie’s in March of 2004, he spent time in the Army and lived in other places around the South.  His restaurant serves country cooking and is popular among area residents, as evidenced by the numerous Daily Times’ “Reader’s Choice” awards hanging on the wall behind the cash register. Mr. Gentry told us that he believes his success is due to three main things:  good product, good price and good service.  He employs 25 people, which includes some family members.  He named the restaurant for his daughter, Grace. Son Grant has a hamburger named for him.


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