DDD – Scott Spicer ’13

As I walked into the restaurant with fellow classmate Steve White and witnessed the quality of the food that was being served to other customers that were already seated, I half expected to see Guy Fieri and his signature spiked blonde hair sampling the table fare at T.C.’s Grill. Shortly after being seated, Steve and I surveyed our surroundings and noticed a theme distinct in local flavor with football memorabilia from area high schools and Maryville College on display throughout the room. Our waitress, Miss Deedee Mallernee, recommended the hamburger steak for lunch as it is T.C.’s most popular meal; upon devouring it, along with side of fresh vegetable medley, I concurred with Deedee’s assessment. Upon finishing our lunch, Deedee introduced us to the owner of T.C.’s Grill, Mr. Tom Clark. Tom advised that T.C.’s Grill opened in August, 2008 at its original location at 732 Calderwood Highway, before moving to its current location at the old
Pride of the Southland Market location on 20 June, 2012. When asked what the secret was to the continued success of T.C.’s Grill, Tom simply stated that the most obvious factor was the quality of the food and service provided to patrons over the years, along with the friendly and inviting atmosphere found inside T.C.’s Grill.


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