DDD – Steve White ’13

Scott and I went to eat at T.C. Grill on Friday July 27. After several failed attempts to get together we finally had a great Lunch. Seemed like everyone in the Restaurant, knew Scott or myself, really making us fell at home.


We where able to set down with Tom Clark (T.C. Restaurant) and he was able to give us a little Background. Tom, opened the first T.C. Grill in August of 2008, the restaurant was located at 732 Calderwood Hwy. As time went by, the business grew and space and location was becoming a big issue. So on June 20, 2012, the New T.C. Grill opened up at there new location on Old Niles Ferry Road (formally known as the Pride of the Southland Market). Since their opening, business has been great.


Here are a few facts about the Restaurant/Dive


Owners:           Tom Clark and His Wife (Sorry, I did not catch her name)
Jeff Hodges and His Wife (Sorry, Once again, I did not catch her name)


Most Popular Meals:    Of Course a Cheese Burger with Onion Rings
Hamburger Steak w/Grilled Onions or Mushrooms and Gravy

Or my favorite, Plain with Ketchup
Hawaiian Chicken


Reason for Success:      Quality of Food
Great Service


Great Customers that let everyone know how good the Restaurant is.


Our Personal Waitress was DeeDee Mallernee, she told us that she loved working there; everyone was just a big family and loved to help each other.


Scott and I both agree this is a Great Place to go and anytime someone would like to take both of us back, we are ready, and we will at least pick up the tip!!!



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