DDD – Will Pitt ’13

Jim Norton and I visited the Aroma Caf efor lunch on Monday, July 23rd.  This is a small “hole-in-the-wall”Cuban cafe located in the Eagleton community.  We both arrived around noon and were able to speak with the owner directly.  He was working behind the counter and took our order.  He said that he had been in business for about four and a half years and had just opened a second location on 411.  He felt his keys to success was providing authentic Cuban food at a reasonable price, while keeping things very simple.  The menu was fairly limited and that the most popular dish was the Cuban sandwich combo, which included a sandwich, black (or red?) beans and a drink.  Seating appeared to fairly limited, but I noticed that a fair amount of patrons placed to-go orders.  As it so happens, we ran into fellow LB13 classmates Carl Gombert and Jeremy Pearson, who had also chosen to eat there for their introductory lunch.  Very nice gentlemen.  Overall, a great experience…both the food and the company!


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